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Oasis Lanz Beach Mate

Who are we?

Hotel complex with character in the best location of Islas Canarias. Our values:

Personalised, respectful, reliable service

Modern and updated

Functional, aesthetic and comfortable design

Flamingo Beach Mate
Playa Beach Mate

Our mission

Beach Mate Resorts aims at guaranteeing the best holiday experience at tourist establishments that have their own character in Islas Canarias.

Oasis Lanz Beach Mate

Our vision

We would like to offer you a distinctive kind of holiday: hassle-free and fully committed to providing a service that exceeds our guests’ expectations and its surroundings.

For this reason, we are refurbishing our establishments and facilities, promoting job opportunities and training, and incorporating new technologies that will improve our processes to get closer to people. We are also recognizing the authenticity in our Gastronomy and the autochthonous products of our destinations.